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A Little Bit Doll is a place where I can show off my love for my hobbies, and all that is involved in them. From the custom aspect of Ball Joint Dolls , to the long hours spent watching tv while cross stitching. Stick around for a neat little view into my world.
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So today was not as much progress as I wanted, but I did get a bit done that I am happy with. I have the last page I was working on mostly done. I am missing a few flosses right now due to running out of the colour so I will have to go back and finish that page later. But for the most part there is only something like 15 stitches left on it. So not bad.

I am working on page 22 now, so that is awesome I am slowly working through them. The top right corner is already nicely started and there is huge chunks of solid colour, a lot less confetti in this page, so that is a good thing for me.

Tomorrow a bit more work, for now BED TIME! So Tired.

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