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A Little Bit Doll is a place where I can show off my love for my hobbies, and all that is involved in them. From the custom aspect of Ball Joint Dolls , to the long hours spent watching tv while cross stitching. Stick around for a neat little view into my world.
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So it has been months since I worked on this a bit. I spent today cleaning house, baking and working on this piece. I am so happy with how it is going along. I also have another video I recorded answering common questions I get. But I need to do it again as I find it is blurry. So I will re record it tomorrow.

Any ways Epic Pokemon Cross stitch is moving along nicely. The top two photos are the update, the bottom one was the last image I could fine that I think I showed you all already.

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    LOL I know what it is like to do a project and find it is not for ya. Mine is crochet. I am not at all good at that....
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