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A Little Bit Doll is a place where I can show off my love for my hobbies, and all that is involved in them. From the custom aspect of Ball Joint Dolls , to the long hours spent watching tv while cross stitching. Stick around for a neat little view into my world.
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People don’t always know the right way to talk to artists … so I made a guide. There’s a lot more I could have added, but these are the basics.

Some artists will draw your OC for free, but make sure that they are okay with doing that before asking. Otherwise, you’re being rude.

Seriously, don’t put yourself down to compliment others. That just puts them in an awkward position and stunts the goodness of yourself as well.


Prints going to Tekko :):):):)

  1.  - “He went that way”, The Once and Future Thief and Life’s a Beach
  2. Lucky Cat Meowth, “I think I’ve found him, Brother…”
  3. Thor, God of Thunpurr, Juton!Lokitty; Bed of Flowers
  4. Friendship is Magic, Fluttershy in the Forest
  5. Wanted Team Rocket, Missing Link 

Some of the Art coming to Tekko Sho Con this year from the artist Alley!

30 day letter challange

So recently I joined a game called HabitRpg and one of the dailies I have from another person is write a letter. Today is day 1 and it is about my best friend or to my best friend. So lets go. 

I have a rough time naming just one person I consider my best friend, so all my friends are very close to me. I love them for lots. They all keep me happy and moving and going and without them I can’t do anything without knowing at least one person is helping me through it all. 

So to my friends I can’t really put into words what you mean to me. PLEASE KNOW YOUR ARE MY ROCK!

Okay off to bed!

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the cutest lil video ive ever seen

Ohmyfuckinggod my eyes teared up. Give this girl whatever she wants.


This is the cutest thing ever



Tim Smith

to prove a point reblog if you would buy a disney princess dress if they had it in your size


I forgot to show you guys the mug prototype!
I’ll be making more designs and accepting preorders in the near future. I also have another prototype but it didn’t turn out as well as this.


Snake buttons for sale probably at fwa.
They still need touching up and fixing but these are the ideas for the most part! Gonna do birds too if I can finish a good set. Some people have been requesting lizards.


Here’s another Weekend Giveaway for you guys!

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What the heak!?


So I go shopping with my mom and grandma thinking law Dee daa Time to help grandma get new clothes and stuff law Dee daa! AND you know what ends up happening? We go to the electronic section and she buys me a tablet! On top of that she gets me a monster high doll that does special things! I…

Look who remembers that she owns a tumblr. Lol. Any ways I think part of it is the fact that you are. Hr grand baby, trust me hunny my grandma spoiled me too. So fair play and all that. I got lunch out oft he deal, and I was able to buy myself cards, and seeing you happy is best. Also remember part of it is she wants you to learn to spell. Lmao. Heck not heak, and a few others but that is the one I am going to point out right now. Remember to check your spelling okay baby?
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